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Top photo: No, I didn't steal this from work. It's from one of my old Beta SP tapes from college.

The Wide World of Taping

One of the things that makes music great is the ability to experience it live. On the same note, another great thing is the fact that there are some bands that allow fans to get a taste of the live experience, even if they aren't there. How? Through the wonders of audience taping and trading!

Over the years, I met numerous tapers, through trades and live shows. When one of them offered to lend me her gear in the summer of 2006, I jumped on the opportunity. I taped 3 DMB shows, as well as a few others. My tapes of the three DMB shows from around Florida (Tampa, WPB Night 1, WPB Night 2) are currently the only ones in circulation for those shows. But at the end of the summer, I had to give back the rig. My taping days were over for the time being.

Then, in the spring of 2007, I decided to go ahead and start putting together my own rig. I started off buying a recorder, the Nomad Jukebox 3 (same thing I used with the borrowed rig). I used that for a soundboard recording early in the summer. Toward the end of the summer I got a pre-amp (the Edirol UA-5, which I had previously used), cables, a stand, and the all-important mics: a pair of Avantone CK-1s. The first show I taped with my own rig was the DMB show in Gainesville on 9/11/07. Since then, I've taped roughly a half-dozen DMB shows (including one on a private island during a Bud Light cruise), and about as many non-DMB shows. One of these days, I'll have some links up here...