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Top photo: No, I didn't steal this from work. It's from one of my old Beta SP tapes from college.
Given that I work in TV news, it shouldn't be a surprise (or maybe it is?) that I like movies. I don't get out to the movie theater as much as I'd like to (I think the last movie I saw was... well, nevermind). But I have a pretty good number of DVDs, and I rent on occasion as well. I'm also one of those dorks who watches the commentary, and the extras.

But for someone who works at a TV station, I watch a surprisingly low amount of TV when I'm not at work. These days, the only show I watch with any regularity is The West Wing. There are a few other things I'll watch if I'm home, but I'm generally not really "watching," just letting it drone on in the background. So, this is what I have to offer.