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Top photo: The Delta MD-88 I took to Atlanta, 1.16.2004.

I've been toying around with a "personal" site since my early days at UM, when I had some hosting space to play with. Not just my standard student Unix account, but some space on another server, courtesy of my job with IT. It was almost embarrassing, called (real creative here) "My Place...". I had an assortment of links, a page about academic stuff, and some Java applets. In a later version, I added a Javascript-based jukebox that played MIDI files. I spent more time than I probably should have trying to debug that thing.

The next incarnation of "My Place..." featured green text on a black background, and was titled "wanderings". Yeah, I was trying to be creative. I even used some rough stylesheets, for a little text formatting. I also typed mostly in all lowercase. Not really sure why, I think out of laziness. With my luck, it's all preserved for posterity somewhere (please don't go searching for it...).

Version 3 saw a return to "decent" content and style. I even included a bit of a travelogue from a trip to New Orleans for a Jeopardy tryout. A few writings on there, which may resurface here if I feel like it. That was sometime during my junior year. I pretty much abandoned things my senior year, although I made attempts at sites. But they never really got off the ground, because I couldn't decide what to say, and how to say it.

Fast forward to 2003. In May, I purchase a domain name, for an organizational site I've been given to work on. The site finally launches in August, once I've obtained various clearances, and gotten my act together. I decide to host with Insider Hosting, with a plan that gives me three domains, lots of space, and lots of bandwidth, for 10 bucks a month. (edit: host has since changed, see below). But I'm only hosting one domain right now... hmmm.

I bounce around several ideas for a personal domain. The original idea I had wasn't really a hit with the people I bounced it off of, but that didn't matter eventually, because someone else bought it. Other people had suggestions, but they never really sat well with me. Then, in mid-December, someone gives me the idea to pull a domain name from song lyrics/titles (yeah, overdone, I know...). I head over to my CD collection, and before long, I have it:, from the Dave Matthews Band song on the "Crash" CD. I choose it because it's a good song, and it fits a personal site, if you think about it: most people put up a website because they have something to say. So there you go.

Now for the gritty technical details. Hosting is now by DreamHost. Domain purchased through Go Daddy. Coded in vi on my personal server running Debian Linux. Yes, I coded it in a Unix text editor. I don't know why. It's great for code, not so great when you want to navigate through a large block of text. I finally decided to learn CSS this go-round, and I'm making use of PHP, which I haven't really used in nearly three years.

That's all, folks.

1.6.2004 (updated 11.27.04)