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Top photo: The Delta MD-88 I took to Atlanta, 1.16.2004.
Uh, yeah. So I'm Eric. I'm not a big fan of these bio pages, but it's sort of a requisite with this type of site. I'm 27 (as of 2.2.06), currently living in my hometown in Florida.

I escaped for four years to the University of Miami, where I majored in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science, and managed to graduate on time. I finished with only $11,000 in student loan debt, which isn't too bad. I'm sure I could have gone elsewhere (read: UF), received a decent education, and spent a lot less money in the process. But I like to think I wouldn't have had as much fun. At least, that's what I keep telling myself, to justify the loan I'll be paying off for the next 10 years.

While at UM, I did a few things when I wasn't in class. I spent lots of time at UMTV, the campus cable station. I started off on floor crew, and later worked on a variety of shows. My last two years, I worked on our award-winning newscast, NewsVision, spending my senior year as executive producer. I was also in our chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, the broadcasting honor society. Lots of good experience, lots of good times.

Of course, I needed money while in school. My first attempt at a campus job failed, probably because I wasn't federal work-study. The next stop was the campus computer labs. Partially because someone on my floor told me I'd get an account that would allow me to have a free dialup account. That got me in the door. See, only one dorm at UM was wired with Ethernet at the time.. and it wasn't mine. I couldn't spend the year using a text-based shell, and my regional ISP didn't have any Miami dialup numbers (yet). So, I got a job, a way to waste time, and a free dialup account. Not a bad deal. I worked as a lab assistant for two years, answering many stupid questions, making a few friends, and even some enemies in the process. My first few semesters, I worked the late night shift in one of the Mac labs on campus. Got to sort of know the regular users... not sure if that's a good thing or not. I was then promoted to HTML editor, and put mostly in charge of our department's web pages. My first big task in the fall was converting our 30-page user's guide to HTML. That... was an experience. Another chain of events led to me subsequently discovering PHP, telling my boss about it, and then learning it myself. I wound up doing a lot in PHP, including a large role in a massive web-based system for the student server, that combined webmail, calendaring, a filesystem (think Yahoo Briefcase or something), and more, all into one system. Yeah, integration can be a real pain. But it was really good experience. If that hadn't been two years ago, some parts of this would have come together a little more quickly. But my PHP skills got a little rusty.. oh well.

May 2001 comes along, I get my degree, and move home. Six weeks prior, I happened to be checking out the website of the TV station where I had interned two years earlier. They had an opening for a part-time associate producer, so I sent in a resume. A few days later, I came home for a weekend, so I could interview and take a writing test. Just a few more days after that, I was offered a job. Not a bad deal. So I graduated on a Friday, moved home on Saturday, and started work Monday. It would have been nice to have had a bit of time off, but getting a job is a good thing. I did that for about 11 months, then moved up to producing, full-time. And that's what I've been doing since April 2002... producing local TV news. It's definitely interesting at times.

So that's the last few years of my life, in a small nutshell. Plenty of details I've left out. So, a few more. I'm a huge fan of the Miami Hurricanes. I attended nearly every home game my four years at UM. I did miss one my freshman year, because it was at noon, and I didn't want to get out of bed. I quickly learned that the noon games were still worth it... and that was the year Miami went 5-6. I missed a game or two in subsequent years, when I was out of town for one reason or another. I've hit a few road games as well: UM vs. FSU in 1997, at Doak Campbell Stadium, where we got crushed 47-0. Yeah, that was not a fun experience. In the fall of 2002, I headed down to Miami for the Homecoming weekend, and game against FSU, aka Wide Left I. Even from our nosebleed seats, that was a very good time. I returned to Tally in October 2004, for the "Soak at Doak." Other than being drenched, that was a fun experience. I went to New Orleans in 2001 for the Sugar Bowl against Florida (first year in recent times we were truly "State Champs"), and down to Miami in January 2004 for the Orange Bowl against FSU (Wide Right IV, depending on who you ask. I say it counts.).

If you've seen the About the Site page or the Music section you've probably figured out by now that I'm quite a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. I've been listening to them since the mid-90s, but the addiction really kicked in around 1999, when I picked up my first of their official live releases. My computer wasn't much of one at the time, so I wasn't able to take advantage of the other live recordings floating around on the internet. I made it to my first concert on July 19th, 2000, and that was the start of that. I've spent plenty of money, time, and vacation days finding my way to concerts in various parts of the country (current count 23, including 1 Dave and Tim show). I had to pass up on the Dave and Friends tour, but I sort of made up for it by going to 4 shows in the summer of 2004, including two on the west coast. For the 2005 tour, I had to out-do myself, of course. So, I went to two more shows at SPAC in New York, then did the "Florida run," going to the concert in Tampa, and two in West Palm Beach. I wanted to go to the Gorge or Red Rocks, but that just didn't work out. I repeated that routine for 2006. Next year, I may finally make it to the Gorge.

This page is now incredibly long.

slight updates on 11.1.2006. Full rewrite one of these days.